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OHA Field Trip Spotlight: Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Wales Ma!

Norcross Wildlife Foundation in Wales Ma was created in 1964 by Arthur D. Norcross with the express mission of protecting wildlife at the “Tupper Hill” Sanctuary he created in Wales, Massachusetts, and to support wildlife conservation efforts and education in general. Norcross is beautiful during all seasons and their trails are absolutely stunning.

Norcross hosts wonderful educational programming free of charge to local schools and homeschool groups looking for an affordable outing! They do book up fast so plan to secure dates well in advance.

Our group most recently participated in their Bat House Building Program! Each of our OHA Homeschoolers that attended learned all about bats, how they are helpful to our environment and built their very own bat house to put in their yards! How cool right?! Miss Eileen is the sweetest and absolutely amazing with children of all ages! Even our tweens and teens loved it! We all got a huge kick out of her "bat facts" she kept telling our group throughout our time there! Huge thank you to Miss Eileen and her Bat House Building Guides for giving us the best experience as always!!

I hate that I even have to say this BUT . . . While these classes are offered free of charge please consider making a donation to the foundation or having your group pitch in a $1 or $2 per family to buy a giftcard for coffee or snacks in order to thank them for their generosity and time. Kindness and appreciation goes a long way so please be respectful when booking . . . I can't think of how many times I've encountered issues booking an event due to a business having a poor experience with a poorly behaved homeschool parent or homeschool group. The majority of us are awesome but there always seems to be a sour grape in every bunch . . . Just be kind and let's not ruin great things for other groups by being unnecessarily bitter ❤️. Life is far too short for that nonsense 🤪!

Below are some the Norcross Class offerings and their contact info! When you book tell Miss Eileen that Carrie from OHA told you about how wonderful she was and how you can't wait to book a field trip with her! I promise you won't regret it!

Oh and OHA Members fear not! Our group is already registered for all of the programs listed below! ❤️🎉

Sincerely Your Contained Chaos Coordinator,


2022-2023 NorcrossYouth Programs

Programs are free of charge; however, reservations are required, so book early to reserve a spot.Materials are provided unless otherwise specified.  Please inquire about any additional materials that may be needed when scheduling a program. We may accommodate up to a maximum of 50 students per group. One chaperone to every 9 students is required.

Please call 413-245-1353 or e-mail for more information or to schedule a class.

Youth & Education Programs at the Norcross Wildlife SanctuaryFall 2022– Spring 2023

FALL NATURE WALK   (October  2022)The Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary trail system has many habitats to explore. Take a guided nature walk through trees, meadows, and around streams and ponds. Create an autumn journal checklist to record all of your nature sightings.

ECOSYSTEMS   (November 1 — December 9, 2022)Explore the need for a balanced ecosystem including the water cycle. Each student will create a “mini-ecosystem” in the form of a terrarium.  Each participant must bring a clean, clear container large enough to fit their hand into to complete the project.  Teachers please bring boxes to transport projects.

BIRDS IN WINTER    (December 13, 2022 — January 20, 2023)Explore migration, winter hardships, how nature provides for wintering birds, and the rewards of having a feeding station. Students will build a “block” feeder to help their feathered friends this season. All materials provided.  Teachers please bring boxes to transport projects.

BAT HOUSE BUILDING   (January 24 — February 24, 2023)Learn about bats and build a bat house where they can raise their young. Participants should be at least 8 years of age for this program.  All materials are provided.

ANIMAL TRACKS & SIGNS   (March 14 — April 14, 2023)Become more aware of our natural surroundings by recognizing some common animal tracks and signs. All participants will make a plaster cast of an animal track.  Materials are provided.

WILDLIFE GARDEN & SPRING NATURE WALK   (April 25 — June 2023)Learn how we can help our backyard pollinators with the many challenges they face. Explore the Norcross Wildlife Trails and learn how to create a nature journal. Students will plant seeds to take home and start their own wildlife habitat. Teachers please bring boxes to transport projects.

Norcross Wildlife Foundation

30 Peck Road in Wales, MA 01081


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