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  • How do I join Outstanding Homeschool Adventures (OHA)?
    To join the OHA Members Only Group it’s $25 for the year per family and can be paid: Via Venmo - @ohadventures (make sure insured payment isn’t selected) or PayPal to (using send money to people you know or friends and family option only). Once it’s received. You will be added to the private group! Please send us a message on Facebook or Contact Us after submitting payment! You can also pay by mail to: Outstanding Homeschool Adventures P.O. Box 983 Palmer Ma 01069 *Please notified us either through Facebook Messenger or by Email if you will be mailing payment*
  • How long does my OHA Membership last for?
    Your OHA Membership is valid for a year! It will end a year from the month you sign up. Your membership covers your entire family!
  • What is the age range of your group?
    Our group ranges from Pre-K to Highschoolers!
  • How much will events cost?
    Event prices vary! We do our best to get the cheapest rate to keep it affordable for all. Most events range from free to around $16 per person. Our bigger events like Skydiving, Rafting, Paintball and things of that nature cost a little more. We understand that most families that homeschool live off one income sometimes and trying to find fun and affordable activities is hard. We try to lighten the load by providing as many activities as we can at affordable prices.
  • Is your group inclusive and drama free?
    We welcome everyone to OHA! We are a group that wants to have fun and give our kids amazing experiences! We are a no drama group and have a zero tolerance policy. Anyone (adult or child) who brings drama to the group, bullies, bad talks other groups, uses "OHA" to book their own events, or becomes difficult to work with will lose their OHA Membership Indefinitely.
  • Can I see future events before joining?
    We do not post future events outside of our private OHA Members Group. We do however post our past events in our page and informational group on Facebook.
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